Go Above and Beyond as an IT Company

The biggest benefits our company has experienced since switching our phone systems are significantly lower phone bills and the ability for our sales team to connect with clients conveniently and efficiently through our phone app.

Unlike other IT companies we previously worked with, Zyis Digital listens to our needs and wants and delivers exceptional results. They are highly responsive and never fail to answer a call or put in a ticket.

If someone is on the fence, I would say hire them. They go above and beyond as an IT company, and most importantly, they will make a difference in your company’s IT operations. They are more than IT to us and have become part of the Goldstar family.

Nicole Gwiazdowski Office Manager
Hollywood, FL

Unparalleled Personal Service

Zyis Digital provides unparalleled personal service and demonstrates the utmost concern for their clients' IT problems. 

Jarel, Jamel, and his team are professional, honest, and caring people. You cannot put a price tag on that! Plus, they accommodate the craziest of clients, like myself, are personable, and can communicate easily with any employee in your business.

Larry Rifkin Managing Partner
Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff, P.A.
Miami, FL

Immediate Access to IT Support & Minimized Downtime

Since Zyis Digital has taken over our IT department, the results have made a world of difference in our IT management. We now experience immediate access to IT support, which minimizes our downtime whenever we have technical issues.

Zyis Digital stands out from other IT service providers because they’re prompt, knowledgeable, offer guidance, and make you feel like a valued customer.

They demonstrate incomparable customer service and have an excellent response time. Whenever we call their office, they are always available and ready to help us no matter how big or small our need is.

If you are on the fence about choosing Zyis Digital, you will not be disappointed. I can vouch for that and know plenty of others who will say the same!

MaryAnn Ramos Office Manager
Goldson Spine
Pembroke Pines, FL